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    "At Cbeyond Coaching we believe Leadership Coaching is unlocking an individual’s potential for Greatness"

  • Who are we


    Cbeyond Coaching is an organisation that develops and builds capability in individuals and

    businesses through Coaching and Strategic Programs. The Executive Coaches employed

    with Cbeyond Coaching work to build a collaborative, individualised relationship between the

    individual, team and the Coach. The relationship between the Coach and the Coachee is a

    partnership — one in which both sides work to reach an agreed-upon destination and goal.

    The aim of the partnership is to bring about sustained change and transform the quality of the

    individual and the business.




  • What do we offer


    • Executive Leadership Coaching
    • Sales Strategy Coaching
    • Strategic Planning (Including Vision > Strategy > Implementation > Measuring)
    • Business Planning (Building a concise plan from the ground up)
    • Build customised Strategies relevant to your unique business requirements
    • Leadership Development Program (Provides a framework and covers off on what Leadership is, how to communicate and also how to influence your teams)
    • How to provide an Exceptional Customer Experience (improving a Return on Investment) 
    • How to Build High-Performing Team’s (Getting the best out of your teams)
    • Brand Development (Covers both Business and Personal Brand)
    • Digital Branding via Social Media Platforms
    • Relationship Surveys and Reviews with targeted Clients including NPS analytics
    • Business Transformation Programs (Review the current business, provide a strategic way forward and implement the strategy ensuring business collaboration)



  • Our Delivery Methods

    • 1 on 1 in person Coaching
    • Group Facilitation
    • Group Coaching
    • Phone/Video Coaching
    • Client Relationship Reviews via Phone 




  • How we do it

    All of our coaches utilise the Cbeyond Coaching unique and practical methodology.


    Characteristics of the process include:

    • Measurable outcomes regarding changes in the leader's behaviour as determined by stakeholders at the end of the coaching engagement.
    • Confidentiality, confidence and a positive outlook.
    • A straightforward approach that does not require significant amounts of time. 
    • A focus on changing leadership behaviours and perceptions of behaviour.
    • Consistent delivery by experienced coaches who understand how to relate to senior executives.
    • Comprehensive assessment of behaviours from key stakeholders.
    • Ownership and guidance of the areas of focus for improvement by the leader being coached.

  • Who do we work with

    Cbeyond Coaching currently work across multiple industry sectors such as

    • Retail
    • Aviation
    • Technology
    • Construction
    • Government
    • Education
    • Automotive
    • Hospitality
    • Finance

  • Return on Investment on Coaching

    • Clear Strategies covering (Operations, Systems, Customer, Staff and Profit)
    • Strong Business Plans linking to Strategy
    • Customer Strategy
    • Sales and Delivery Strategy (average of 30% return)
    • Customer Service Improvements (average of 40% return)
    • Improved staff engagement (average of 32% improvement)
    • Reduction in Attrition of staff (28% reduction in attrition)

    *Based on Cbeyond Coaching client reporting before and after coaching (over a 12 month period)

  • Cbeyond Coaches

    Angivin Gunasehar is an Executive and CEO Advisor who has a broad experience in business. His

    previous positions include Manager Airports and Lounges Qantas Airways, Manager Service Quality

    Qantas Engineering, General Manager Jetstar Pacific (Vietnam startup), Manager Planning Aircraft

    Operations and Manager Integrated Operations Centre Qantas Airways. Angivin is passionate about

    people and has done a lot of work in rural Australia (Kimberly, Broome, North Queensland) working

    with Aboriginal Leaders developing them and their businesses. Qualifications include MBA Psychology and Coaching, BA Aviation, Psychometric Qualification, Certified Cultural Awareness Mentor, Lean Six Sigma


    Jacqui Gigliotti is an Executive Coach who has spent over 15 years within the corporate space

    specialising in Sales, Marketing, and Technical Management roles within the IT industry. Her previous

    positions held are Director of Sales and Marketing at ezispeak, Mobility Engineer at Samsung Electronics, Global Mobility Manager at ShoreTel, National Mobility Manager at BlackBerry and held various Senior roles in Sales and Marketing at Telstra Corporation. Qualifications include Level 3 Executive Coach, BCompSc., B.Eng in Computer Science.

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